Worship at Grace


When God’s people come together to worship Him here at Grace, they come from all walks of life. Everyone is welcome here so please know that regardless of where you find yourself today, there is a place here for you.

It’s our desire that when you walk through our doors that you’ll be greeted warmly, choose a seat wherever you like, participate in the singing if you like and hear a relevant message about God’s power to change your life.

What you can expect from us…

  • We won’t ask you to speak in front of the crowd.
  • We won’t single you out or embarrass you in any way.
  • We won’t expect you to give when the offering plate is passed at the end of the service.
  • We won’t force you to send your child to the nursery or children’s church. (Children are always welcome to remain with there parents. As parents ourselves, we understand that a new place can be frightening)

Our worship music style at Grace is a mixture of modern praise music along with the beauty and power of the hymns that our rich heritage affords. The songs we sing are by design easy to pick up and inspirational in meaning.

The best way to find out what we do is to come and experience a Sunday morning service with us. We love having new people walk through our doors and we look forward to seeing you this Sunday!