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Welcome to our site.

We’re happy that you’ve come to check out what’s happening at G.B.C. We’re hoping that after you’ve clicked around that you might be interested in making a visit sometime in the future. Let me assure you that we love having new people in our services and please know that everyone is welcome to attend. I know it can be hard to come to a church for the first time, you never know what to expect, “Will they single me out and ask me a bunch of ‘churchy’ questions that I don’t know.” “Maybe they’ll make me get up in front of everyone and ask me to give my life story?” Well let me assure you that that will never happen here. What we will do is give you a warm welcome, answer any questions you may have, allow you to sit wherever you like (including the back row for a hasty exit). We will not force you to put your children in the nursery, or ask you to give during the offering, and we certainly won’t critique your outfit. Most of us dress casually, while some like to wear their Sunday best, it’s not a requirement. The music is a blend of modern contemporary with songs from our rich church heritage. My messages are straight from the Bible, they are relevant with a teaching style that hopefully everyone, no matter how far in their walk, can understand and use.

Well happy clicking and please feel free to call me with any other questions you might have (530-533-1456)